Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy is from Minneapolis bla bla bla. Here is a good recipes.

Makes 4 burgers




32 oz of Beef

2 oz of sharp cheddar Shredded

Seasonings salt:

1 teaspoon Garlic powder

1 teaspoon Pepper

1 teaspoon salt



3 oz Worcester

1 oz Onions (Minced)


Small Bowl  

Large Bowl

Cast iron pan or heavy bottom pan  



Chef Knife

Oven on 350 degrees


2 tablespoons of vegetable oil


Four buns (Bread onion roll or sesame seed bun)

Miscellaneous:  topping:

Tomatoes (Sliced)

Jalapeno fresh (Sliced)

Mushrooms (Sliced)  


Or anything you want.  

Deep Prep:

Make Seasoning salt

Mince onion

Make Marinade

Scale Hamburgers to 8 oz put them in the marinade to soak up  mix fold in onions. Season with half the seasoning.

Forming the burgers adding cheese and cooking:   

When making the paddies make a divot so you can add the cheese. Make sure the cheese is locked in. Place the burgers on a plate. Get the burgers to room temp before cooking.  


Cooking the hamburger:

Heat the cast iron skillet with vegetable oil. Add the rest of the seasoning on both sides of the burger. With a hot pan you will get a good crust on the paddies. Put the burgers in the pan do not touch it. After a good crust is formed flit to get a good crust on the other side.

Check with a thermometer if you want it cooked more put the pan in the hot oven till desired temp is reached.


Rare 120-125
Med Rare 130-135
Medium 140-145
Medium Well 150-155
Well Done 160

 Take the burgers out of the pan and let them rest. Now there is some good burger grease that is a great medium to cook some of the toppings. I like to fry the Jalapeno first then add the mushrooms to get a good sear on them.

these are suggestions so build your burger like you want it.  

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